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chintzy けちな

The car has chintzy uncomfortable seats.

Christians Cafe tends to be a little chintzy with ingredients.

cheapscate けち

Don't be such a cheapscate - it's your turn to buy lunch.

take the cake 最悪だ

You've done some pretty stupid things,

but that really takes the cake!

peeve 苛立たせる

One of my pet peeves is

pointless meetings that go on forever.

brazen 真鍮の、恥知らずの、平然と

Trade in illegal tapes and computer software

is brazen in some parts of the world.

strike as 印象を与える

Mr. West struck me as a very good businessman.

His arguments struck us as completely ridiculous.

phlegmatic 落ち着いた

Though normally phlegmatic,

Jan was beginning to get alarmed.


sleazy ずるい、質の低い

The bar was cheap and sleazy.

acute 深刻な

There are acute shortages of food and medical equipment.

arthritis 関節炎

a disease that causes

a lot of pain in the joints of your body

prevent from 妨げる、~させない

GUards stood at the doors

to prevent anyone from leaving.

brandish 振り回す

At one point, the suspect brandished a knife.

ritual 習慣

Set up a regular time for homework;

make it ritual.

stiff [INFORMAL] 払いを押しつける

I can't believe that couple stiffed me.

swanky [INFORMAL] 派手な

a swanky Manhattan jewelry store

conspicuous 目立つ、見せびらかす

Cuzco's few tourists are conspicuous

as they explore the old cobbled streets.

lateral 水平の、側面の

The wall is weak and requires lateral support.


proverbial ことわざの、文字通りの

The store had everything

including the proverbial kitchen sink.

stroll 散策する

We strolled through the gardens,

admiring the flowers.

adapt 調整する、合わせて変化させる

Reserchers had adapted blood test

to look for early signs of the disease.

oppose 反対する

It is typical for local residents

to oppose the building

of a nuclear waste facility.

Gillmore will be opposed by former Councilman Tobkin

for the post of mayor.

ultimately 結局

Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself.

appropriate 適した

We will take appropriate action

once the investigation is over.

It is not appropriate

to ask such personal questions

in an interview.

They need to offer a salary

appropriate to his experience and education.



Whose turn is it to wash the dog?


Working outside can mean

too much sun exposure,

which in turn can lead to skin cancer.

the turn of the century

There were about 500,000 cafes in Paris

at the turn of the century.


forgo ~なしで済ます

Council members were asked to forgo their pay raises.

splashy 目立つ

a splashy orange shirt

lavish 豪勢な

The restaurant has a lavish dessert menu.

He's never very lavish with his praise.

endear 好かれるようにする

Comments like that wont endear Hill to the fans.

modest 謙虚な

Jason, a scolarship winner,

is modest about his achievements.

show off 見せびらかす

They always have to

show off in front of the neighbors.

Gary was looking for an opportunity

to show off his boxing skills.

profligate 無駄遣いする

profligate spending of the taxpayer's money

keep abreast of (sth)

Executives keep abreast of events

in the company by e-mail.

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