| 18:08


chintzy けちな

The car has chintzy uncomfortable seats.

Christians Cafe tends to be a little chintzy with ingredients.

cheapscate けち

Don't be such a cheapscate - it's your turn to buy lunch.

take the cake 最悪だ

You've done some pretty stupid things,

but that really takes the cake!

peeve 苛立たせる

One of my pet peeves is

pointless meetings that go on forever.

brazen 真鍮の、恥知らずの、平然と

Trade in illegal tapes and computer software

is brazen in some parts of the world.

strike as 印象を与える

Mr. West struck me as a very good businessman.

His arguments struck us as completely ridiculous.

phlegmatic 落ち着いた

Though normally phlegmatic,

Jan was beginning to get alarmed.


sleazy ずるい、質の低い

The bar was cheap and sleazy.

acute 深刻な

There are acute shortages of food and medical equipment.

arthritis 関節炎

a disease that causes

a lot of pain in the joints of your body

prevent from 妨げる、~させない

GUards stood at the doors

to prevent anyone from leaving.

brandish 振り回す

At one point, the suspect brandished a knife.

ritual 習慣

Set up a regular time for homework;

make it ritual.

stiff [INFORMAL] 払いを押しつける

I can't believe that couple stiffed me.

swanky [INFORMAL] 派手な

a swanky Manhattan jewelry store

conspicuous 目立つ、見せびらかす

Cuzco's few tourists are conspicuous

as they explore the old cobbled streets.

lateral 水平の、側面の

The wall is weak and requires lateral support.


proverbial ことわざの、文字通りの

The store had everything

including the proverbial kitchen sink.

stroll 散策する

We strolled through the gardens,

admiring the flowers.

adapt 調整する、合わせて変化させる

Reserchers had adapted blood test

to look for early signs of the disease.

oppose 反対する

It is typical for local residents

to oppose the building

of a nuclear waste facility.

Gillmore will be opposed by former Councilman Tobkin

for the post of mayor.

ultimately 結局

Ultimately, you'll have to decide for yourself.

appropriate 適した

We will take appropriate action

once the investigation is over.

It is not appropriate

to ask such personal questions

in an interview.

They need to offer a salary

appropriate to his experience and education.



Whose turn is it to wash the dog?


Working outside can mean

too much sun exposure,

which in turn can lead to skin cancer.

the turn of the century

There were about 500,000 cafes in Paris

at the turn of the century.


forgo ~なしで済ます

Council members were asked to forgo their pay raises.

splashy 目立つ

a splashy orange shirt

lavish 豪勢な

The restaurant has a lavish dessert menu.

He's never very lavish with his praise.

endear 好かれるようにする

Comments like that wont endear Hill to the fans.

modest 謙虚な

Jason, a scolarship winner,

is modest about his achievements.

show off 見せびらかす

They always have to

show off in front of the neighbors.

Gary was looking for an opportunity

to show off his boxing skills.

profligate 無駄遣いする

profligate spending of the taxpayer's money

keep abreast of (sth)

Executives keep abreast of events

in the company by e-mail.

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| 15:53


That's probably because
I rode my bicycle to work this morning,
which is something
I've been doing more often lately.
I've carefully researched the best route
from my home to Great Lakes,
and I've settled on one
that avoids major traffic arteries
and uses designated cycle paths and parks
as much as possible.
If you can work out a route like that,
you come to work less frustrated,
and the brisk exercize in the morning
makes you more alert and on your toes.


vim and vigor
it's proven that..
settle on
traffic artery
work out
brisk excercize
amount of time
on one's toes


| 15:53


According to the paper,
more than 3,500 bike commuters
from almost 300 companies and organizations
in the greater Chicago area
competed to see
who could get the highest percentage of employees
to cycle to work
during bike-to-work week last year.
Another plus is
that companies and organizations
that encourage their employees to commute by bicycle
are seen as environmentally aware
and concerned about their employees' health.
At the risk of belaboring the obvious,
you need to have a good bike
and make sure that it's in good operating condition.


get the highest percentage of..
valuable tips
be up for the challenge
deal with
far out in the suburbs
belabor the obvious


| 15:53


There's a good bike shop in my neighborhood
where they help me keep my bicycle
in good working order.
My local guy always stresses safety,
so I'm sure
that's a message you'll have to pass on
to the people you talk to
about bike commuting, guys.
My guy says
it's also a good idea
to put reflector tape on your bike frame,
which greatly increases your bike's visibility
when it's a bit dark or cloudy.


up to scratch


in thick traffic



| 15:53


Ergonomically speaking,
a backpack isn't an efficient way
to carry a load on a bicycle,
because the weight is distributed too high,
and you can get a very sweaty back that way.
Going back to one point you made earlier,
how did you decide on the best route to use
when cycling to work?
(check:decide on)
I found
the most effective way of finding a good route was
to simply go out on my bike on weekends
and use the trial-and-error method to find
a bike-friendly route.
I should add
that it's a good idea
to check your fitness level with your physician
before you start commuting by bike,
especially if you haven't been
in the habit of excercizing lately.




get all the angles covered
decide on
trial-and-error method


put back together


l3-5 復習

| 15:53


The American toy manufacturer seemed to be
as paternalistic as the typical Japanese company
with company picnics and all that.
Danny is the designated pinch hitter
when Dave can't be in the office.
During the riot,
all police officers were on the alert
to prevent looting.
viable option
A three-way merger is the only viable option
for these companies to survive.
Let me point out
that surreptitiously playing computer games
at your desk is a no-no.
Trial-and-error business tactics may succeed
if you learn from your blunders.

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| 22:40


  • 実践ビジネス英語を持ち歩き用にコピー
    • マーキングする
  • 予習(週末)
  • ラジオの時間に参照する
    • 外で勉強内容を見たいときはblogに書く
  • 持ち歩く
    • マーキングしたコピー用紙のみ(テキストはカオスになるから持ち歩かない)
  • 復習する
    • blogで見る
    • マーキング用紙から単語・構文を思い出す


実践ビジネス英語 2-(4) :

| 06:51


  • profession
  • general practice / practitioner / GP
  • prospect


実践ビジネス英語 2-(3) : subsidize, stint,semblance criteria

| 00:29

One positive aspect of social networking sites is 
that by vastly expanding a teenager's range of contacts, 
they enable teens to gain access to more information than ever before.


As the recession really starts to bite,
I think more people are realizing
that finding a job that offers some semblance of stability and long-term prospects
is at least as important as finding one
that meets criteria
such as income, freedom, creative potential and the like.



  • subsidize
    • to pay part of the cost of something so that the buyer can pay less for it
    • > Many day care facilities are subsidized by the city.
    • 補助する
  • stint
    • a limited or particular period of work or effort
    • > After a three-year stint in the Marines, Walker got a job in marketing.
    • (一定期間の)仕事
  • semblance
    • a condition or quality that is similar to another one
    • > These countries now have at least some semblance of a free press.
    • 外観,類似
  • criteria << criterion
    • a standard which is established so that a judgement or decision, especially a scientific one, can be made
    • > What are the main criteria for awarding the prize?
    • 基準

実践ビジネス英語 2-(1)

| 09:10

The idea is for parents
to take their children to their workplace for a day
to give them a better idea
of what they do for a living and
what the working environment is like.

Seeing mom or dad
in the totaly different context of the workplace
can help further parent-tennager communication.



  • exploit
  • take part
  • put in an honest day's work
  • mention (to..)